3D CGI render.

Shadow citizen is a project occurred by the impression of a fallen country. The paradoxical experience constantly shifting my understanding regarding to being, society and living. Minds are rigged, rights are restrained, the unstable nature becoming the common.

Shadow citizen; a figure who is legally a citizen but is not treated as such —— Tim Cresswell

“Tension cover the country like an invisible mist, it comes and go but never gone. The faded wall paints reminding the joy of the old days. Cities are drowned in sadness and silence, empty stadiums, abandon park, patched old cars, unsold apartments. A man was standing next to his car under the sun, looking through the heat while the engine cooling down. People were queueing outside the bank, waiting for their chance to survive. The reality is extremely closed and extremely loud, as the future will never be found. “

©Yuan Y.C.F., 2021