The Remains II

Object. Dimension: 120 x 80cm
Material: Digital render on Faux Suede, paint, threads

Sutures of the summer is a visual sensory series that link between the defunct Turbine Hall (Tate Modern, Bankside) and the absence of public activities in the 2020 lockdown period.

The Sutures series attempts to recreate a mindful state through different visual perspectives and spatial transformation. It centers around the Remains of Sutures, a hybrid body that extends skins and tactile experiences to visual elements. Various postures and body scales intersect on each other in a weightless void. The work locates the hybrid bodies in three different spaces - the Void, the defunct Turbine Hall, and reality, in which time and texture convey light and spatial change.


March 2020, London’s first lockdown - June 2021, Guangzhou work from home - August 2021, Tallin in the distance.

©Yuan Y.C.F., 2021